DJ Lucky LaRue

As far back as he can remember DJ Lucky LaRue, aka Don Jacobs, has always wanted to be in the nightclub business. While studying restaurant management in college he got a job at the famous Velvet Elvis and started his journey in the biz. Bar-backing, bartending, cooking, even cleaning, Jacobs did anything he could to soak up the business.

It wasn't long before Jacobs had become friends with the venue’s talent buyer, Chris Harkness. When Harkness decided to launch a retro lounge night, he turned to Jacobs for a host. At the time Jacobs felt out of his element, but Harkness was convinced he had the flare and panache to give the night an edge. Lucky LaRue was born! A few months later Harkness turned to Lucky again, this time to fill a DJ opening. Despite having no gear, Lucky seized the opportunity, maxed out his credit card and showed up ready to rock the crowd. Lucky LaRue's Swingin' Cocktail Party was a hit. It turned out the new DJ was a triple threat: personality, DJ skills and he could swing dance!

In 1997 Lucky and Harkness teamed up with Jim Florence, owner of the Village Brewery, who offered the pair a space in the back of his restaurant for a swing night. In a business where timing is everything, it seemed like the doors opened to the Orchid Lounge right as the swing craze busted wide open across the nation. From there Lucky took a gig at The Mercury Room in downtown Houston. The night was a huge success, and Playboy named the club one of the top nightclubs in the country. Then in 2006 Lucky got a call from David Edwards, who was opening Chico's Paradise Bar and Grill and Bar in Galveston, Texas. Soon Lucky was in town ready to take over as entertainment director of the bar. As entertainment director, he was resident DJ, music programmer and talent buyer. Booking bands and playing music for the masses – Lucky had found what he loved to do.

Finally in January of 2007 Lucky fulfilled a long time dream, and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where his first Vegas gig was Friday nights at Sidebar. Currently, Lucky is enjoying his new town and is excited to pursue his career in entertainment. We will see what the future holds for Lucky LaRue…

Real name
Don Jacobs
Name orgins
When I started DJing I got kind of forced into it. We were doing a lounge night at the Velvet Elvis in Houston and I was the host of the night and he wanted me to have a cool name. He liked Lucky and I stole LaRue from a character Johnny LaRue from SCTV played by John Candy.
Current status
Performing locally
Years spinning
House, Pop, Rock
Favorite place to listen
eyecandy sound lounge & bar, Mixx Lounge, Downtown Cocktail Room, Beauty Bar
Favorite song
Miss You by the Rolling Stones
Favorite place to play
Mercury Room, Houston, TX
Past gigs
Sidebar/07; Mercury Room, Houston, TX/99-05
Rolling Stones, Bill Haley, Michael Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire
Sounds like
An eclectic mix of pop culture
DJ gear
DN-S5000 CD turntables, Behringer DJX700 mixer, Compac laptop, Serato Scratch LIVE
Booking contact
Don Jacobs