DJ Michael Toast

Whether it’s being a 10-year Las Vegas veteran DJ (Palms, Playboy, rumjungle, Late Night Empire Ballroom, Planet Hollywood), a 15-year New York City/East Coast club culture and rave scene catalyst (Caffeine, Storm Rave, Layaway, Limelight, Tunnel, CBGB), an award-winning house, hip-hop, drum and bass, mash up, mix tape, rock and even punk producing machine (28 Liber8 Records releases!) or a live, constantly flawless, international touring maniac (audio to video and back again), DJ Michael Toast has always been about his love of music. He brings to the turntables knowledge, energy, fury and unbounded creativity, using his records as tools and weaving together the elements and cool of rock, hip-hop and electro house.

Real name
I don't ever tell that
Name orgins
"I was 11 years old and I ran away from home to go dance in front of some clubs called the Roxy and the Paradise Garage. In Jamaican culture when you dance or dj, it's called toasting the music. And the West Indians and Jamaicans who used to sell weed out side the club called me the toasty kid, cause I was the last one to get off the cardboard or whatever we were dancing on."
Current status
Recording, performing locally, touring.
Las Vegas
Electronica, Hip hop, House, Rock
Favorite place to listen
Tao, CBGB in New York City, Empire Ballroom for afterhours
Favorite song
"I n I Survive" by Bad Brains
Favorite place to play
Anyplace that anybody wants to hear me
Past gigs
Rumjungle/'99-'06, Triq/'07, C-Level/'06-'09, Heart Bar/'07-'08, Currently at Lolita's and VooDoo.
Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Iggy Pop, DJ Wise, Frankie Bones, Frankie Knuckles. My audience is my biggest influence on what I do.
Recommended if you like
Steve Aoki, Kid Millionaire, DJ AM
Sounds like
I am bringing the underground to the masses, making it dirty aggressive and sexual. That's my house.
DJ gear
Technics 1200s MK5s, Rane 57 or Pioneer DJM 800
Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Serato, Turntables
Liber8 Records
Booking contact
Dustin Loose