DJ Nameless

Getting into DJing at the age of 15, Nameless has been working hard to become a master of his craft. He's known for being very versatile with his music and can play many genres throughout the spectrum, as well as perform remixes and mash-ups live on the fly. Mixing seamlessly throughout songs, Nameless is one DJ that will make sure the dance floor is constantly moving.

Real name
Jay Rivera
Name orgins
I couldn't think of a name so I decided to be better off as nameless.
Current status
Weekly resident for Krave's "So You Think You Can Strip" Wednesdays
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electro, Hip hop, House, Top 40
Favorite place to listen
XS and Body English
Favorite song
Gabriel & Dresden - On a High (Duncan Sheik Remix)
Favorite place to play
Krave and Jet Nightclub
Past gigs
purgatory / dallas 2005 - 2006 club blue, cirque / dallas 2004 - 2006 karma / dallas 2006 - 2007 eden afterhours / dallas 2006 - 2007 jet nightclub / las vegas Sept 2008 seamless afterhours / las vegas may 2009 mist lounge / las vegas sept - nov 2007 temptation afterhours / las vegas jun 2009 teatro afterhours / las vegas 2007 - 2008
gabriel & dresden, deamau5, timbaland, michael jackson
Sounds like
An eclectic mix of current and classic hits throughout the night.  be sure you wear your dancing shoes!
DJ gear
Pioneer Cdj 1000s & Mackie D.2 Mixer, serato scratch live, macbook pro, Technics 1200, Denon HDJ 1000 headphones