DJ Neva

DJ Neva is one of the most versatile DJ's to ever rock a party. Whether spinning hip-hop, house, reggae, disco, classics or even rock, Neva is always on point with his mixing skills. Born and raised in the boogie down Bronx, Neva got his first taste of seeing DJs do their thing live was at a very young age when he saw legendary DJs like Grandmaster Flash, AJ Scratch, Lovebug Starski and Red Alert spinning in the park of the project he grew up in, E. Robert Moore Houses. It would be years later before Neva decided to go out and buy turntables to try his hands at spinning.

It was the early ’90s and Neva was influenced by such DJs as Kid Capri, Clark Kent, Stretch Armstrong, Louie Vega, Frankie Inglese and Red Alert. But it would be another few years before Neva thought he was ready to show the world his skills. Almost immediately he started to get offers to do parties. He got his first big break spinning at the original Ruby Falls on the lower east side of Manhattan. From there, Neva went on to spin at New York's trendy and exclusive nightspots. One of those spots happen to be Jet Lounge in Soho, which soon led to a residency every summer at Jet East in the Hamptons. In 2003 Neva was given the opportunity by the owners of Jet to become a resident DJ at their Las Vegas nightclub, Light, inside the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Since then Neva has become one of the top and respected DJs in Vegas. And with a residency at Light’s latest offspring, Jet, inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino, Neva shows no signs of slowing down.

Real name
Evan Boyd
Name orgins
It's actually Evan spelled backwards.
Current status
Touring, performing locally.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Hip hop, Old school, R&B
Favorite place to listen
House of Blues
Favorite song
"Eric B. is President" by Eric B. and Rakim
Favorite place to play
The Bank
Past gigs
Caramel/'03-'05; Jet/'07-present; Light/'02-'07; The Bank/'07-present; Jet, NY/'99-'02
Grandmaster Flash, Kid Capri, Stretch Armstrong, Mark Ronson
Sounds like
Rather unique
DJ gear
Serato Scratch LIVE, Technics 1200s turntables, Rane mixer
Booking contact
Zach Gitman