DJ OB-one

You may have seen the MTV special True Life: I'm a Muay Thai Fighter, which chronicled the times of Ben Garcia as he trained and traveled to Thailand for a bare knuckle championship. While the experience and win was a huge honor, the more accessible-to-an-MTV-audience portion of the show dealt with his alter-identity, the versatile and sought-after DJ OB-One. Raised on healthy helpings of rock and hip hop, embraced by punk, groomed through drum & bass, and enamored with reggae, its 11 years in the game and DJ OB-One possesses the skills and selection to deliver you an auditory beating. Originally hailing from Chicago, OB-One moved to Las Vegas two decades ago with his eye on the nightclub industry, then in its infancy. He made his bones as the resident at the first nightclub to reach legendary status in Sin City, Baby's inside the Hard Rock Hotel, and from there it's been a week-in week-out passion. He's played at every hot spot in Las Vegas, and frequent jaunts to Los Angeles, New York and Canada have put his name on the lips of every person of note in the nightlife industry. He's also touched millions over the airwaves, having DJ'ed the Morning Jump-Off, Afternoon Beatbox, Reggae Riddims, and Saturday Night Wildstyle for Las Vegas radio Wild 102, and when that station changed its format, he took the Saturday night slot & now currently the weekly night slot at 98.5 KLUC, Las Vegas heritage station. For the last two and a half years, OB-One has aligned himself with the illustrious N9NE Group, with current residencies inside Moon and the world's only Playboy Club, the two newest venues inside the Palms Casino. On the hottest nights, you can find him serving songs to nightclub divas and high rollers alike. This has placed him in the limelight, rising high above the masses of Las Vegas' over-saturated DJ game. But it doesn't go to his head; he utilizes that discipline and calm required of a Muay Thai boxer.

Real name
Ben Garcia
Name orgins
I've always been a big Star Wars fan since I was a little kid, and my name's Ben so it kinda fit. It was a lot cooler in my raver days.
Current status
Performing locally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electronic / DJ
Favorite place to listen
House of Blues
Favorite song
Bed's Too Big Without You by The Police
Favorite place to play
Murmur in Atlantic City, The Forum in Charlotte, NC, Playboy and Moon
Past gigs
Playboy/07-present; Moon/07-present; Ghostbar
The Clash, The Police, Run DMC, old Dr. Dre stuff, Old East Coast hip-hop
DJ gear
MacBook Pro, Serato Scratch LIVE, Technics 1200s, Rane TTM56 or 57 mixer
Booking contact
Skamartist - Sujit Kundu