D.J.P is Danny Phillips, a party-rocking hip-hop DJ hailing from Springfield, Missouri. Springfield may not seem like a hotbed for hip-hop talent, which is why D.J.P has had to work that much harder to put his genre-mixing brand of hip-hop on the map. And he has.

D.J.P is one of the pioneers of "blending," a style that has recently become commonly known as the "mash-up". His first big break came in 1999 when, after winning the DMC Midwest Championship, he competed against the country's top turntablists in San Francisco at the 1999 DMC U.S. Finals. His cutting and scratching were excellent, but it was the unlikely songs he chose that showed just how much he could move the crowd. Ever the b-boy, P topped his performance off by coming out in front of the tables and breaking and popping. He was the only DJ who received a standing ovation that night.

In a world where hip-hop DJs are either technical underground nerds or Top 40 jukeboxes, D.J.P is the best of both and more. He finds raw excitement and crowd-pleasing energy in the most unlikely of places: ‘80s new wave, classic and alternative rock, even drum 'n' bass, as well as the can't-lose hip-hop favorites. He can mix Pat Benatar's "Love Is A Battlefield" over the Pharcyde's classic "She Keeps On Passing Me By" and turn it into a drum 'n' bass blend about love lost that gets everyone on their feet.

Likewise, D.J.P's mix discs have taken on lives of their own. "Uneasy Listening" (2000) blended everything from Phil Collins and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien to Madonna's "Like A Prayer" and the famed "Apache" breakbeat. Although it was only released in a limited 1000-copy pressing, it showed up everywhere: in constant rotation on Kid Rock's tour bus stereo, in England where it was bootlegged onto vinyl, and on critics' Top Ten lists (New York's Village Voice, etc.). Rolling Stone even named "Uneasy Listening" as one of the "Top Musical Moments" in 2002 - two years after its release.

But spinning live is D.J.P’s true weapon of choice. He has been touring the country for half a decade, beginning with MTV's 1999 Campus Invasion Tour with alt rockers Garbage and Lit, and has held club residencies in New York City, Springfield, MO and Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA. Recently he has taken up residence in Las Vegas, where he spends every weekend at Moon/Playboy Club in the Palms Casino. His resume also includes gigs with Ice-T, Tone Loc, Sugar Hill Gang, Rahzel from the Roots, Cher and Cindy Lauper, The Pharcyde and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien's Hieroglyphics, D.J.Premier, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Snoop Dogg, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Beastie Boys, and many more.

In the winter of 2006 D.J.P officially joined the ranks of the legendary Rock Steady Crew. Expect to see much more of D.J.P in the near future, including a feature length documentary called "For Promotional Use Only."

Real name
Danny James Phillips
Name orgins
It's my initials. I was born to be a DJ I guess.
Years spinning
Favorite place to listen
The Get Back at the Beauty Bar, first Friday of the month
Favorite song
"Moments in Love" by Art in Noise
Favorite place to play
Om Nightclub in Portland, OR, any underground club in Portland, OR
Past gigs
Moon, Playboy Club/'07-'08, Studio 54/'04-'05, Tabu/'04-'05
Kiss, Michael Jackson, DJ Juan Alexander, Jam Master J, Grand Master Flash
Recommended if you like
Sounds like
Very diverse, break beat, hip hop, top 40. What I do personally, what makes DJ P, goes over most peoples' heads. I'm a vinyl junkie. I still don't use Serato.
DJ gear
Technics 1200s, Rane 56 mixer, Pioneer FX unit
Booking contact
Marc Lemberger