DJ Poun'

Real name
Daren Smith
Name orgins
Oh boy. It came from high school. I used to eat pound cake every day, so I became Pound Cake and then became DJ Pound Cake and then became DJ Poun'.
Current status
Performing locally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Hip hop, House, Old school, R&B, Reggae
Favorite place to listen
Local house party
Favorite song
The Most Beautifulest Thing in This World by Keith
Favorite place to play
40/40, Las Vegas
Past gigs
Club Rain/'04; 40/40, NY/'04-'05; 40/40, Atlantic City/'05-'07; 40/40, LV/'07-present
Just Blaze, DJ Kid Capri, Funkmaster Flex
Sounds like
A nonstop energy, never a dull moment
DJ gear
Technics 1200s, Serato Scratch LIVE, Gateway laptop, Rane mixer