DJ Right on Beat (R.O.B.) first made a name for himself as a DJ at the young age of 16. He was producing a very popular radio mix show and spinning in the hottest teen and adult dance clubs. Known for his innovative style of live remixing and turntable tricks, R.O.B. takes his audience on a nonstop musical journey! "Keeping the crowd entertained is my main objective, I incorporate tricks to keep the music fresh and entice the audience. I'm not satisfied 'til everyone is dancing!"

Involved with music and clubs for more than 22 years, R.O.B.'s career is a history lesson. Born Robert Hathcock in San Bernadino, CA, he has played every major Vegas club, done remixes for Maverick and Interscope, including for Enrique Iglesias and spun live on "The Arsenio Hall Show." While working in the hottest dance clubs in Las Vegas and the #1 rated radio mix show, R.O.B.'s interests turned to music production. His knowledge for what made a hit record on the radio and in the clubs motivated him to produce his own music, including the hard-house classic, "Make Some Noise For My DJ."Along the way DJ Right On Beat has become a Vegas legend.

Presently, R.O.B. is the music director for the hottest nightlife destination in the nation, The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas' Rain Nightclub, Ghostbar, Playboy Lounge, Moon and the pool at The Palms! "As music director, I pay close attention to music trends. I make sure all of our DJs are on the cutting edge of music programming and creativity. My experience is my asset. I have been a DJ in Las Vegas for 22 years! I know what works and how to keep a crowd entertained all night and into the morning."

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Real name
Robert Hathcock
Name orgins
Well, my real name is Rob. It's an acronym for my production company, so it stands for right on beat and my company is Right On Beat productions.
Current status
Performing locally at Rain on Friday nights and Moon on Saturday nights, touring and recording.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
80s, Hip hop, House, Rock
Favorite place to listen
Favorite song
The Message by Grandmaster Flash
Favorite place to play
Past gigs
Rain/02-present; C2K at Venetian/00-02; The Drink/98-00
Grandmaster Flash, Jazzy Jeff
Sounds like
High energy
DJ gear
Technics 1200s turntables, Serato Scratch LIVE, Mac lap top, Pioneer DJM-800 mixer
Drums, Keyboard