DJ Scotty Boy

Dj Scotty grew up in L.A. and started DJing when he was only 14 years old. He got his start playing school dances, house parties and teen clubs. He has since played at major venues all across the country, and was voted #5 DJ in America two years in a row. He has his own radio show on Sirius Channel 38 and XM Radio Channel 80.

Real name
Scott Schroer
Name orgins
When in high school, he went by the name Kid Gemini. Once he got into radio he felt he needed a change; a club owner used to call him Scotty Boy so he decided to stick with it.
Current status
Performing nationally.
Years spinning
Dance, Electronic / DJ, House
Favorite place to listen
WMC in Miami, Chicago
Favorite place to play
WMC in Miami, Salt Lake City
DJ gear
MacBook Pro, Serato Scratch LIVE
Serato, Turntables
Vegas (Ultra Records), Maximum Workout (UBL), Driven (UBL), Destination Lounge Las Vegas (UBL), Can't Go For That (Remix) (Fortune Music)
Ultra Records, UBL Music, Menage Music, Fortune Music
Booking contact
Michael Ryden