DJ Shift

With residencies at Tao, Pure, Rehab, LAX and Seamless, DJ Shift keeps busy bouncing from club to club nearly every night of the week. Sometimes this hard-working DJ plays at multiple venues in a single day, rocking a pool party all afternoon before taking over the nightclub turntables or moving the party to Seamless for afterhours dancing well into the morning. Shift calls his sound “Vegas-style,” a mix of just about everything with an emphasis on keeping the dance floor full. His popularity stems not only from his ability to incorporate an incredible range of genres into his sets, but also from the party-loving vibe and energy he brings while leading a party on the turntables.

Real name
Justin Bueltel
Name orgins
Shifting like changing. There was a change in my life, and I was a change in the music scene here - mohawk and tattoos and stuff.
Current status
Performing locally, tour
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Favorite place to listen
Double Down
Favorite place to play
All my residencies I love every one of them
Past gigs
Pure/'07-present; LAX/'07-present; Tao/'05-present; Rehab/'05-present; Seamless Afterhours/'07-present; Wet Republic/'08-present
Bad Religion, AFI, DJ Vice, DJ Five, Fabricant, Hollywood, David Christian
Sounds like
DJ gear
Technics 1200s or 1210s, Pioneer 800, Rane 56 mixers, Serato, Mac Book Pro