DJ Sien Pileggi

From humble beginnings in New York City, influenced by block parties and party performances during the early 80s hip-hop era, Sien Pileggi has come a long way to become a major player in the Las Vegas DJ scene.

Growing up in this environment, Pileggi’s inspiration came from watching DJs utilize any equipment they could get their hands on to put on a show for the sake of entertaining a crowd no matter what the circumstances. This exposure fueled a passion that has led Pileggi to pursue DJing, eventually crafting the skills to become the “next big thing,” as many local and national DJs call him. Integrating himself into the Vegas scene while learning from those already solidly established in it, he has developed his own techniques and a sound that sets him on his own plane. With three releases, “Inspired,” “Dirty Lucy” and “Unleashed,” Pileggi demonstrates that his passion runs deep while his growth and transformation are evident. His talent and distinct sound have created high demand and enabled him to play alongside some of the world’s greatest DJs such as DJ Irene, SuperStar, DJ Keoki, Scooter and Lavelle, Sander Kleinberg and Donald Glaude.

Pileggi recently teamed up with fellow Vegas DJ Oscar Molina to form one of the strongest DJ duos in the city. Molina and Pileggi have been "gunning" for a lot of the local DJs that inspired them to push harder at creating a hard-hitting sound and style. The sky is the limit for the pair, and they’re continuing to make serious strides to ensure that their names will be cemented with the best in industry.

Real name
Sien Pileggi
Name orgins
It's just my name.
Current status
Performing locally, touring
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electronic / DJ, House, Progressive
Favorite place to listen
Favorite song
"Feel Me" by Brisker and Magitman
Favorite place to play
Past gigs
Teatro/'06-'07; Seamless/'07-present; Moon/'07-present
Herbie Hancock
Recommended if you like
Faarsheed, Hernan Cattaneo
Sounds like
DJ gear
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3, Pioneer DJM-800 mixer, M-Audio earbuds - I'll never go back to headphones, it helps with not crushing my tall hair.
Bass, Cello, Viola, Violin
Booking contact
Luca Pretolesi