DJ Slip

Sherdon "Slip" Aquino has always been attracted to hip-hop. Even at an early age, he had his hand in various elements of hip-hop before he found his calling as a DJ at the tender age of thirteen. DJ Slip was first drawn to turntablism before he learned how to mix records, but his musical abilities helped the young man ease into his newfound art. Slip played the piano at the age of seven, pursuing it professionally through college. His knowledge of musical theory is constantly utilized in his DJing, and his natural ability to manipulate the turntables gave him an advantage over DJs who just mixed.

In the early ‘90s, DJ Slip started spinning at clubs. His affiliation with top promoter "DMK" in Los Angeles gave him the edge he needed to become one of the top club DJs. DJ Slip has spun in clubs all over California, and eventually he landed in Las Vegas where he resides today. His love for hip-hop was just a foundation of his talents, but Slip’s diversity in music shows in his sets, which range from reggae to R&B to rock to ‘80s and old-school.

Real name
Sherdon Aquino
Name orgins
In junior high I was really into hiphop. I was in a 'B Boy' breakdancing partnership called Slip n Slide and was also a grafitti artist and a DJ-all in junior high school- had 3 names for each part but everyone liked Slip the best.
Current status
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Hip hop, R&B, Rock, Top 40
Favorite place to listen
LA-The Knitting Factory
Favorite song
Computer Power by Jamie Jupiter
Favorite place to play
Past gigs
Risque/2002-05; Pure/05-Present
DJ Q-Bert, Jazzy Jeff, Joe Cooley
Recommended if you like
DJ Toma
Sounds like
Mixture of everything
DJ gear
17 inch Mac laptop, Serrato, Vinyl, Vestax 07
Keyboard, Piano
Booking contact