DJ Steve Walker

From the time he was a small child, DJ Steve Walker always knew music would be his life’s passion. At the time, he found himself fascinated by the rhythms and melodies of television show theme music or the visceral joy of banging on his mother’s pots and pans. Walker’s relationship with music has always been one intimately close to his heart.
Born in Sacramento, Calif. and raised and schooled in Greece, Walker has arrived in Las Vegas after many years in the music industry. Walker received his first drum set at the age of seven and eagerly dedicated himself to studying, quickly evolving into an advanced jazz drummer. Walker started his DJ career in the relaxed Mediterranean beauty of Greece, where he performed and brought his unique style to enthusiastic, music loving crowds. By the age of 16, Walker’s showmanship and professionalism had earned him residencies throughout Greece and New York City, in Top Clubs such as Mint, Lava Lounge and Le Souk.
In his live performances, DJ Steve Walker brings a mix of three vital skills: artistry with personal expression, composition with originality and drumming. He uses these together while DJing to create a soul-moving experience that combines live music and mixed tracks playing together. Walker’s performances are nothing short of mesmerizing, and he has enjoyed playing in diverse venues around the world. Currently, he is working on the production and management of large-scale events and entertainment projects in Asia, the Pacific Rim, Europe and the United States while he continues to hold residencies at Underbar and Caprice in Boston, Mass. as well as Roe/ Privé and Bubble Lounge in San Francisco, Calif.
Walker also owns his own record label, Five A.M. Deep Records, with a team of talented and hard-working musically inclined people working under him. Recently seven of Las Vegas' top DJ's have signed onto Five A.M. Deep Records, and Walker has big plans for both his label and his DJ career.

Real name
Steve Walker
Name orgins
My real name is Stephen, but Walker goes back like 23 generations. It has a lot of history in building America.
Current status
Touring nationally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electronic / DJ, Funk, Progressive
Favorite place to listen
Empire Ballroom, Jet, Mix
Favorite song
Flowers by Armand Van Helden
Favorite place to play
Paradise Beach in Mykonos, Greece; Empire Ballroom, Las Vegas
Past gigs
Louie Vega, Kenny Carpenter, jazz, Mozart, '90s hip-hop
Recommended if you like
Anything from Louie Vega to Jake Childs to Steve Lawler
Sounds like
Rhythmical poetry
DJ gear
turntables, Pioneer CDJs, Prodigy B-52 mixer
Drums, Percussion
5 A.M. Deep Records
Booking contact
Steve Walker