DJ The Rhett Factor

Rhett Camfield, also-known-as The Rhett Factor and DJ Rh Factor, is the youngest DJ/producer/designer in his crews, Drumz Clothing, Universal Scientist and Project Live. At only 22-years old Rh Factor is a young artist who has already been exposed to the underground music scene for seven years and has been intoxicated by the drum n bass sound. Seeing live performances of Underworld, Orbital, Crystal Method and Chemical Brothers early on motivated him to begin his foray into the electronic music scene where he developed his own unique music style.

An innovative DJ with a street reputation for churning the juiciest drum n bass dub-plates into Universal mixes, Rh Factor teamed up with DJ MOTIV8, one of the original members of the successful multi Grammy Award-winning quartet, The Black Eyed Peas. MOTIV8's innate creative makeup compelled him to expand into uncharted frontiers that would serve as a breeding ground for new music, and when Rh Factor met MOTIV8 years ago, he saw in him a visionary teacher, programmer and mentor who loved integrating artistic ideas with state-of-the-art ingenuity. MOTIV8 in turn saw a cutting edge dnb artist who was light years ahead of his peers and had the appetite to explore beyond the outer realms of convention. Their chemistry together inspired fresh ideas and perspectives, fostering a powerful alliance that would give birth to a collaboration called The Universal Scientist.

Whenever time allows, UniSci hits the studio to experiment. The UniSci sound is comprised of MOTIV8's signature "electro-organic sound," fused with Rh Factor’s "Universal-sound," a hybrid of modern day electronic music and hip-hop, sometimes integrated with jazz-fusion or other underground elements. The full-length album will be ready for release in late 2008 around the release of Black Eyed Peas next album and will include various collaborations with today's hottest artists.

While doing DJ residencies at various Las Vegas clubs and engaging in a multitude of sideline projects, (including work on his solo debut album under his other alias name of The Rhett Factor), Rh Factor, continues mash-up and remix projects with artists like Fergie, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, U2, Divine Styler and E-swift from Alkoholics. By all standards, Rh Factor is a bona-fide electronic maestro on a quest to breakthrough barriers in music and comprehensively re-shape the sounds of the mainstream.

Real name
Rhett Camfield
Name orgins
Well I used to go as the RH Factor, but a couple other guys were trying to go by that. I'm in a group with a couple of guys from the Black Eyed Peas, so I had to change it for legal reasons.
Current status
Recording with Universal Scientists with Motiv8 from Black Eyed Peas and, producing remix for Black Eyed Peas, running a clothing line
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electronica, Hip hop
Favorite place to listen
Favorite song
"Directrix" by Divine Styler
Favorite place to play
The Highlands, Hollywood, CA
Past gigs
Empire Ballroom/'06-present; ICE/'06-'07; Icehouse/'06-present; V-bar/'06-'07; Brass Lounge/'07-present
U2, Black Eyed Peas, Prodigy, '80s music, early hip-hop, early rock
Recommended if you like
Sounds like
Universal genre, because there are so many genres that people attach themselves to. I try to keep it a universal sound.
DJ gear
Technics 1200s turntables, Pioneer DJM-600 mixer, Serato Scratch LIVE
Motiv8ion Creation's
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