DJ Voja

DJ Voja was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) and developed a keen interest in music at an early age thanks to the pirated hip-hop, electronica, and rock & roll audio tapes and CDs that made it to Belgrade during the embargo-stricken war years.

His mother's obsession with classical music coupled with his father's award-winning jazz record collection added a constant musical presence in his life and instilled a love for music of all sorts and genres. DJ Voja started spinning vinyl after a friend needed someone to do music in his newly opened bar (Blu Lounge) in Fayetteville, AR. The very first night behind the decks, he fell in love with the crowd energy, the feeling of being on stage, and providing entertainment for other people to dance to.

Since then, he went on to become one of the premier DJs in the area - holding residencies in some of the best bars and clubs in Northwest Arkansas. DJ Voja recently moved across the country to Las Vegas to experience the music scene and learn from the best DJs in the country.

Real name
Voja Radosavljevic
Name orgins
It's my real name. It's pretty unique - so I kept it, I mean how many Vojas do you know?
Current status
I am currently spinning at the Guess store at the Forum Shops on the weekends.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Hip hop, House, Mash-ups
Favorite place to listen
Perfecto at Rain
Favorite song
"She Knows You" by DJ Tonka
Favorite place to play
Speakeasy Nightclub
Past gigs
Speakeasy Nightclub, Blu Lounge, Club Froggys, Jerzees, Icehouse of Bentonville, On The Rocks.
DJ Derek, DJ Max, Sunshine Crew, my dad's jazz collection, my mom's classical music obsession and all the pirated hip-hop/electronic music that illegally made it to Belgrade in the early 90s
DJ gear
Numark decks, TT-57, MacBook Pro, Serato Scratch Live
Booking contact
Michael Madison