DJ Zimmie

DJ Zimmie's favorite thing about being a DJ is getting to experience new music all the time. He says that most of the time it isn’t great music but you always get gems that make it worthwhile.

He enjoys spinning in Las Vegas because people know music and come out to party. You can play great music that might be older and they dance and sing along and just want to have fun.

His personal philosophy is, "Power equals work over time."

Real name
David Joseph Szymanski
Name orgins
Shortened version of his last name.
Current status
Spinning in both Las Vegas and Pittsburgh.
Las Vegas
Dance, Funk, Hip hop, Lounge, Soul, Top 40
Favorite song
"Cheap Sunglasses" by ZZ Top
Past gigs
Privilege in Pittsburgh, PA from 2006 to present. Capone’s in Brooklyn, NV from 2006-2007.
DJ gear
Technics 1200, MacBook Pro, Rane TTM 57, Serato
MacBook, Rane, Serato, Technics