Fort Knox Five

The Fort Knox Five have had a huge impact on the international funk and breaks scene over the past couple of years. With the release of five critically acclaimed singles on their own independent label, Fort Knox Recordings, the FK5 have been thrust into the spotlight and caught the attention of music lovers around the world.

FK5 flawlessly fuse live instrumentation with modern electronics to create their signature funk-driven sound. Their highly sought-after production style has been called upon to remix incredible artists, including the legendary Tito Puente, Louis Armstrong, Tower of Power, A Skillz and Krafty Kuts, Dynamo Productions, and Mo'Horizons to name a few. They have also been called upon by the godfather himself, Afrika Bambaataa, to produce four tracks on his recent album "Dark Matter" on Tommy Boy Records. Recently, they have been back in the studio with Afrika Bambaataa and King Kamonzi to record a smoking new single called Radio Free DC.

FK5's unique DJ style ranges from eclectic downbeat and hip-hop, to upbeat funk and breaks. Their keen sense of party rocking has gained them countless fans around the globe, and they’ve packed dance floors in Russia, Germany, Greece, Spain, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand to name a few.

2005 proved to be a pinnacle year for the Fort Knox Five. Having been selected into the prestigious Urb Magazine “Next 100,” and featured on the Hotel Costes Sept Compilation, FK5 also teamed up with the English Funkateers and Skeewiff over at Jalapeno Records. Then came a major turning point. The Fort Knox Five were selected to be Gwen Stefani’s tour and show DJ on the Harajuku Lovers 2005 tour. As a part of it, they had the opportunity to open sellout shows with Gwen Stefani and the Black Eyed Peas and play at massive arenas such as the Hollywood Bowl, Madison Square Garden and many other places in between.

In 2006, the Fort Knox Five released the New Gold Standard Vol 1, their first CD release. Today they continue to play their authentic brand of electronic funk, catering to fans in their home city of Washington D.C. and at EyeCandy at Mandalay Bay.

Name orgins
The studio is called Fort Knox because we're all a bunch of James Bond fans, and Fort Knox Four didn't sound good, so we're Fort Knox Five. The Fort Knox Five consists of Steve Raskin, Sid Barcelona, Rob Myers, and Jon Horvath.
Current status
Performing internationally
Years spinning
Funk, Hip hop, Reggae
Favorite place to listen
18th Street Lounge
Favorite song
Anything by Bob Marley
Favorite place to play
Fabric in London
Past gigs
Nation, Washington, DC - 2000-2005;Edge, Washington, DC - 2000-2003;Club Five - Washington, DC - 2002-2008;Halo Lounge - Atlanta, GA - 2003-2008;Supperclub - San Francisco, CA - 2005-2008;Mighty - San Francisco, CA - 2007-2008;HiFi - Calgary, AB - 2005-2008;Tommy Africa's - Whistler, BC - 2004-2008;Die Registrateur - Munich, DE - 2005-2008;Fabric - London, UK - 2006-2008;Kraftwerk - CH - 2004-2008;Cha Cha Cha - Budapest, HU - 2003-2008;La Paloma, Barcelona, ES - 2005-2008;Chinese Laundry - Sydney, NSW - 2005-2008;Ambar - Perth, WA - 2005-2008
James Brown, Bob Marley, Old School Hip Hop, Fugazi
Recommended if you like
Mark Ronson, Thievery Corporation
DJ gear
Guitar, Sitar, mostly live, a little computer
Guitar, Turntables
Dodge City Rockers, Fort Knox Recordings, 2003 The Big Score, Fort Knox Recordings, 2003 Blowing Up The Barrio, Fort Knox Recordings, 2004 The Brazilian Hipster, Fort Knox Recordings, 2004 Now I'm Living For Me, Jalapeno Records, 2005 Radio Free D.C., Fort Knox Recordings, 2005 Reminted, Fort Knox Recordings, 2007 The Spirit Of '75, Fort Knox Recordings, 2007
Fort Knox Recordings
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