J Diesel

J Diesel is multi-talented. He produces his own tracks, sings, plays the piano and guitar and is also a scratch DJ. What he likes best about his craft is that you can express yourself in so many ways. He feels there is no better job. Music is his drug. He keeps the audience's attention by playing "non stop bagers." He spins with the mindset that his job is to fly listeners to the moon and back and he will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

Real name
Johnny Johnson
Name orgins
Diesel was a nickname given to him by his friends because he is an extremely large individual.
Current status
Spinning Tuesday and Thursday at Seamless.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electro, Hip hop, Nu Disco, Progressive
Favorite song
"Stay," by John Dahlback (Remix)
The Swedish house Mafia, Deftones, Incubus, Dj D-Styles and The Neptunes.
DJ gear
Logic pro, Apple Imac, M-Audio Axiom midi controller and M-Audio BX8 studio monitors, Apple mac book, Technics 1200 turntables, Pioneer DJM 400 mixer and Serato
Logic Pro, MacBook, Serato, Technics