Jason Lema

"I'm originally from Miami, FL born in a Colombian home. Both my parents moved here from Colombia to start their new life in the U.S. so yeah I'm first generation American.

This is actually pretty cool because I learned solid Spanish as my first language. My mother is the coolest woman on this earth and I credit her for my passion for music.

As a kid growing up, my mom would wait for my dad to go to work and just blast our stereo with her favorite jams. This was usually salsa, cumbia, meringue and various other Latin-American music. This time of my life really influenced my taste in music. Most of the music I was exposed to until the age of five fell under those genres. I love Latin music, but if there was a 24 hour radio station in my head, it plays house music.

House came into my life in the early 90s. I remember the feeling I got when I first heard it. I remember thinking 'What is this and who thought of these beats?' It was brilliant! The perfect canvas to combine every genre of music to a 4/4 beat. I was hooked immediately. Now a days, I get to live my dream, which is playing my interpretation of house music.

Everyone has there own style that reflects a piece of themselves. No two DJs are the same."

House, Latin
Past gigs
Firefly Tuesdays for "ESTILO LATINO." Tao, Lavo, Foundation Room.