Jeffrey Thomas

Originally from San Francisco, Jeffrey Thomas moved with his family to Denver in 1992. Starting with two CD players from his dad's stereo system Jeffrey began playing music at his friend's birthday parties. After hours of practice he got his first nightclub residency in 2000 at the famous Tracks 2000 nightclub in Denver. Word of his ability to bring hot music and high energy to a dance floor spread, helping him create an impressive resume. With 10 years of experience under his belt Jeffrey moved to Las Vegas in July 2007 where he quickly landed a residency on the Las Vegas Strip, making his official Vegas debut. Now, Jeffrey Thomas has becoming a recognized and respected name in the Las Vegas nightlife industry.

Real name
Jeffrey Basamanowicz
Current status
Playing nationally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Dance, Hip hop, House, Top 40
Dj Hollywood, DJ R.O.B., Dj Mikey Swift, Nick Teranova
DJ gear
Technics 1210M5G's, Pioneer 800, MacBook Pro with Serato Scratch Live
Booking contact
Beat Clan (DJ Hollywood)