Madam Malixa

In addition to her 2009 pool gigs at PH, Four Seasons, Green Valley Ranch and Planet Hollywood, Malixa worked for Sapphire Pool, Hawaiian Tropic Zone and Prive in 2008. In 2007 she ignited dance floors across the globe with her highly anticipated world tour. A blow-out performance in the Greek Isles earned her a cover story on FREEZE Magazine, a comprehensive interview on D-CODE 96.2 FM, and extended her world tour into Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and England.

DJ Madam Malixa entered the Las Vegas scene on a full time basis in 2005, with entertaining packed performances at Mandalay Bay's exclusive Foundation Room. Her growing popularity and energetic personality drew the attention of The Light Group, who gave DJ Madam Malixa the opportunity to perform for an even wider venue at ultra-lounges and clubs throughout the Wynn and Planet Hollywood Resorts.

DJ Madam Malixa has appeared at almost all of the hottest clubs and Pool Parties in Vegas and been the favored performing female DJ among events sponsored by People Magazine, 944 Magazine, Xyience, Red Bull, and Oakley. She has also been a vocalist for several producers including: DJ 303, DJ MD and Malibu, and has three digital releases.

DJ Madam Malixa's passion remains electronic music, yet her versatility allows her to play on any world stage, no matter what the music genre is focused. She packs energy and excitement into every room and pushes the envelope with her unique style and prolific beats.

Real name
Jill Willhoit
Name orgins
She thought of "Madam" and her sister came up with "Malixa".
Current status
Spinning mostly at private events.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Favorite place to listen
Favorite song
"Time To Pretend" (High Contrast Mix) by MGMT
Favorite place to play
South Beach
Sandra Collins, Carl Cox, Sasha & Digweed, Mauro Picotto, Marco Bailey, Marco V
DJ gear
CD-J's Turntables, Serato, whatever's clever
Serato, Turntables
Booking contact
[email protected]