Mr. Sinister

Thirteen years at Little Darlings, and he's still enjoying it. With his cable access show, The Midnight Massacre Theater, to keep him busy, and 23 years as a bass player, it's a wonder what keeps him going. "Oh yeah," he says, "wall-to-wall naked girls ... obviously."

"Being a DJ in the strip club industry is a very different thing than your standard 'Night Club' DJ," says Mr. Sinister. "In a strip club, we cater to not only many different age groups of customers, but dancers as well, so we will touch on all genres of music rather than focusing on just one or two. But my 'personal' genre of choice is rock and metal as well as goth and some darkwave from time to time... I'm definitely not a hip-hop or techno kinda guy, which pretty much puts me out in left field, I'd say." He adds, "That's okay, though. I like it in left field."

Real name
Sean L. Smith
Name orgins
"People just got in the habit of calling me by some evil name. I've heard 'em all. 'Sinister' just seemed to suit me, so I stuck with that."
Current status
Little Darlings every Tuesday through Saturday night, 11:00 p.m. to close.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Goth, Metal, Rock
Favorite song
"Black Crow on a Tombstone" by Satyricon
Past gigs
1996-present: Little Darlings; 2006: X107.5 Halloween Show; 1999: Sanctuary
DJ gear
MP3s, CDs
CD Players