Simply Shawn

For as long as he can remember, Simply Shawn has been into electronic music. According to Shawn, he used to wow his friends with playlists and mix CDs he put together. In 2003, playlists and CDs for friends weren't enough. He packed my belongings and headed to Las Vegas for a fresh start. After five years of what he calls "hardcore partying," his musical partner-in-crime DeMarco Cruz and I decided to become DJs. Now, they're looking to take over the world.

Real name
Shawn Hampton
Current status
Spins at La Costa on Thursdays
Las Vegas
Years spinning
House, Progressive
Favorite song
Daniel Portman & Rino Cabrera - Sumatra
DJ gear
CD's PIONEER 800's and a DJM 400
Booking contact
Shawn Hampton