Jimmie Gonzalez, known to many as “Speedy”, has remained in touch with his eclectic electronic music style which fuses underground dance music, cult cinema and his hometown Chicago roots. His "do what you dig" attitude and passion for detail has led him to DJ’ing across the globe, remixing and producing, film scoring, directing and most recently with his innovative VJ mix set CINEMA THERAPY.

Early on he identified with the darker side of electronic music mutating his sound into the sleazy hypnotic electro-techno that his listeners have come to expect. As if that weren't enough, these sounds were filtered through his love of horror films and grind house cinema which opened up the doors to his multi-sensory expressive future.

His recent DVD DJ Mix projects “The Colors of Darkness” and “Electro Euro-Trash” feature relentless pulsating techno over strategic rapid editing of classic hallucinatory and graphic exploitation euro-horror film sequences. The esoteric projects were hailed by both music and film fanzines such as URB MAGAZINE and Canada's horror film staple RUE MORGUE calling them "innovative" and "ahead of its time."

Genres: Electro, Techno, Nu-Disco

Real name
Jimmie Gonzalez
Name orgins
Childhood name from the famous cartoon character.
Current status
Touring Video DJ concept show CINEMA THERAPY, Writing, Directing, Composing
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Favorite place to listen
Berlin, Germany
Favorite song
Lemon 8 - Model 8 (Remix)
Favorite place to play
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Past gigs
Club: Utopia, LV Club: C2K, LV Club: Ra, LV Club: House of Blues, LV Club: Rain, LV C lub: Studio 54, LV
Hot Mix 5, Kiss
Recommended if you like
Ricthie Hawtin, Justice
Sounds like
The soundtrack to a surreal psychological horror film with the ability to make you dance
DJ gear
Serato VSL, Rane TTM57 Mixer, Avid Liquid
Dan Diamond - Bad Habits (Speedy's Skeleton's Remix) Peepshow 2006, Dan Diamond - Therapy (Speedy's Session) Peepshow 2005, Binary Zero - India Strikes Back (Speedy & Vaas Remix) Cactus 2004, Roll Call (Shuffle Heads) Fremont 2001, Home Cookin (Shuffleheads Remix) Fremont 2002), High Rollers EP (Speedy & Jose 2 Hype) Thrust/BML 2000, Acid New Year - Cactus 1998, Dont Swallow EP - Cactus 1997, Get Lost EP - Cactus 1996, Wamdue Kids - Da Brick (Speedy's Mix) Communique/Sounds 1997, House Workout - Communique/Party Rock 1996, Tranceplants - Acid Cowboy - Abyss 1995, Tranceplants - Fly Guys Revenge - Abyss 1995
Spacetoonz, Peepshow Recordings