Svast originated from the house music Mecca of Chicago, however, his music crosses landscapes father than his roots. During 2007, Svast and his alter ego, Auralphixation, catalyzed his sounds peaking the interest of the Las Vegas scene. "I've only been producing music seriously for about two years," says Svast. "But in that time I've literally made hundreds of songs. I guess I started producing to help me through my toughest times: My life is the soundtrack to music; music is not the soundtrack to my life."

Svast is currently producing for records in Los Angeles and Domina productions in Amsterdam as his tracks are still bumping to the top of global charts.

In 1998, Svast co-founded Family.Chicago. As co-headmaster of Family.Chicago, he immediately took the city by storm and maintained residencies at famed clubs Red No. 5, Transit and La Passage among several others. In addition Svast was voted Chicago's best house DJ amongst several other awards and recognitions.

Svast has headlined numerous shows on an international scale in such cities as Prague, Olomuc, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Rosarito Beach and Brataslava, where he was named "Artist New Comer of the Year," having paved many roads for Svast on a global scale.

"I feel an obligation to always tell the truth through my music and my art. So what you're getting is an exact symbolism of whatever I'm feeling at that moment." Many of the songs are more minimalist than others and make use of the silence and emphasis on depth…minimalism is about "sounding" exactly like a feeling. "The silence is as important as the notes," emphasized Svast. Las Vegas has a coveted musical mastermind at their hands and the party will revel about.

Real name
Thom Svast
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electronica, Minimal, Techno
Favorite song
"Stranger to Stability" (Len Faki Podium Mix)
Past gigs
08-09: Pure X, Rosarito Beach, Mexico; 00-02, Barumba, Olomouc, Czech Republic; 00-02, Roxy, Prague, Czech Republic
DJ gear
Alienware M-17, M-Audio Axiom 25, Pioneer CDJ 1000s, Pioneer DJM 700, Ultrasone DJ1
Label records, Domina Productions
Booking contact
David Garcia: [email protected]