DJ Tasha is involved in the groups Prime Mover (with Dave Cridge), Tribe Steppaz (with Dave Cridge), Mr. Sir vs Tasha (Bmore club) and Watts Riots (with Chuck B).

Tribe Steppaz a.k.a. Prime Mover are Drum & Bass/Dubstep resident DJ & director of Drum & Bass tour for the legendary DMC organization. The group consists of UK native Dave Cridge and DJ Tasha. Cridge got his start DJ’ing regularly with the likes of Roni Size, Die, Jody (Way out West), and has been recording with his band “Up Bustle & Out” (best known for their Ninja Tune releases) for several years now. Tasha got his start being called “Virginia’s King of Jungle” by URB magazine in the late 90’s, and also became the first American to have a 12” on a Bristol, UK label.

Press on Prime Mover tunes include the charting of several singles with their “Star Wars” remix, which claimed #3 on the DMC update DnB chart in the summer of 2005. In 2006 the groups “Killa Army” tune debuted at #1 on the chart and held that position for two weeks.

In 2006 Prime Mover joined the prolific Premiere Artists Group roster amongst legends like DJ Q-bert, Pete Rock, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Shortkutt, Roc Raida, Jazzy Jeff, Aquasky, Keith Murray, Radar and DJ Z-trip to name a few.

In 2007 Tasha and Ms. Lauren teamed up with Detn8or to bring the “World of Drum & Bass” tour to Las Vegas which was the biggest DnB line up in Vegas history. Teaming up with Budda fx & Chuck B the group then brought the Konkrete Jungle party series to Las Vegas starting out at Black Label & evolving to The Penthouse club which later changed to Crazy Horse3.

Real name
Tasha R.
Name orgins
Tasha and a label mate decided to form a group after their first release together. They chose Prime Mover because they felt that it represented the broad span of styles they produce and DJ. As electronic music evolved over the years they felt they should make an alias for dubstep productions and DJ sets. They decided on Tribe Steppaz because of Cridge’s dubstep label Tribe Steppaz Records out of Bristol, UK. They felt it would be a better outlet for their music to have a namesake group to the label.
Current status
Currently spinning at Konkrete Jungle & Bar Knowledge USA, which are both one-off Drum & Bass/Dubstep events that happen around the city at various locations.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Drum & bass
Favorite place to listen
Beauty Bar and Moon
Favorite song
“In the Air Tonight," by Phil Collins
Favorite place to play
Beauty Bar
Past gigs
Black Label, Crazy Horse3, Penthouse Club, Brass Lounge, Ice House and Empire.
Suv, Die, Krust, Roni Size, 6Blocc, Hype, Bryan Zents, Adam Beyer
DJ gear
2 Technics 1200’s, Rane 54, Serato Scratch – DJ Ableton 7, Acid 4, Soundforge 7, Wavelab 3, Massive, Albino, Absynth, Korg Legacy, Event TR series monitors – production
Rane, Serato, Technics
Booking contact
Premiere Artists