DJ Thump got his start with Tone Loc back in California. He then moved on to do parties for celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Mike Tyson.

His philosophy on DJing is to keep the crowd happy and at attention by playing music they love to hear. He likes to interact with them and often comes out from behind the turntables to mingle. He considers himself a "people person."

His favorite thing about his job is that he loves playing "old school stuff" that's able to take a person back down memory lane to where they were when a song first came out.

If he wasn't spinning he says he'd like to be either a teacher or motivational speaker.

Real name
Marlon Rice
Name orgins
As a young child Thump would pat his foot like a rabbit. So they started calling him "Thumper" like the character in Disney's Bambie. That also inspired his logo.
Current status
Currently spinning at Soulzburry and Club Kiss.
Las Vegas
Hip hop, Old school, R&B
Favorite song
Gospel songs
DJ gear
Turntables, Laptop, CDS MP3s, Serato
Serato, Turntables