DJ, Hip-hop, Soul / R&B, R&B

The Chicken Shack

The Chicken Shack

  • Every 5th Saturday 11:59 pm
Double Down Saloon (Directions)
4640 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas
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Age limit:
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DJ, Hip-hop, Soul / R&B, R&B

The concept: What would be the ideal soundtrack of a fried-chicken joint—here or anywhere? Probably a mix of Southern soul, funk and R&B; various Latin American and African rhythms; and Jamaican ska and reggae—in other words, global roots music. Which is what DJs Rex Dart and Ghostride use to cut through the smoky haze of the Double Down, allowing you to see the Shack Shackette go-go girls, as well as the free fried chicken on offer to paying drinkers.

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