Squaring off over UNLV’s controversial new logo


My alma matter’s sports logo features an angry brown bear clawing at a giant red C. Maybe that’s why I’m not angry about UNLV’s new athletic symbol. Familiar as the cartoonish old Rebels image might feel, the new version’s designers toed the modernization/preservation line pretty well, maintaining iconic elements from the original—the hat and moustache—within the sleeker adaptation. It’s a bit busy, sure, and the Welcome-sign outline and Stardust-y burst seem fairly superfluous, but is it really so terrible we had to stare at it for more than three seconds to take in all its elements? –Spencer Patterson

I’ve never been particularly partial to my alma mater, but last week’s unveiling of UNLV’s new “spirit mark” brought forth feelings I didn’t even know I had. For starters, when did we get rid of the word “mascot” and replace it with “spirit mark?” What does that even mean? And while UNLV did us a solid by ditching the confederate Hey Reb for something less offensive, this Stetson-topped, moustache-touting blob isn’t exactly an improvement. If you need a legend to point out the elements of a new logo—sorry, spirit mark—head back to the drawing board. –Leslie Ventura

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