Get a 3D doll of yourself at Cashman Photos

Cashman’s Kevin Kopec, holding figurines of himself and his son.

The contraption resembles a flying saucer. Tourists stop to look, even though they’re walking through the mecca of overstimulation that is Miracle Mile Shops. I step inside, and in one flash, 128 cameras take a 365-degree scan of me. An eight-picture rotating GIF of myself arrives in my email, ready to be put into 3D physical form. “Can I get a superhero body instead of my own?” I joke. Not yet, but soon. The technology is still cutting edge, and has only recently become affordable. A 1/15th-scale figurine costs $99; a Lego head is $29. Kevin Kopec, the director of thrill photos for Cashman Photos, has been working on bringing this photo concession to Vegas for several years. It finally arrived a month ago, and the effect is almost eerie because it looks so real. Says Kopec: “It’s the new dimension in making memories.”

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