The seven best recent Vegas Golden Knights tweets


1. REMINDER: If we’re winning, we take exhibitions as seriously as Ivan Drago. When losing, we take exhibitions as seriously as Apollo Creed.

2. TOMAS HYKA SCORED! Forgive us if we’re not acting like we’ve scored before...we haven’t!

3. 9-4 us. Even the #CaneloGGG judges would have no problem deciding who has been the better team in this one.

4. We’re still ahead/3-1, best hockey lead/would rather not trail. #HockeyHaikus

5. They’re playing music from that Roy Scheider movie again. We never liked that movie.

6. We have no practice tweeting when we’re not scoring goals, we decided not to practice this because that’s too negative for September.

7. END OF TWO PERIODS: Them: 4. Us: 0. Internet friends, if you have any pictures of puppies, now’s the time to send them :(

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