Area 702 Skatepark looking to correct safety issues, reopen concert venue

Area 702 Indoor Skatepark in North Las Vegas began hosting concerts last weekend, but the Dec. 17 show was abruptly canceled after fire marshals raised concerns over occupancy levels and the amount of power delivered to amplifiers.

According to owner Tim Thurtle, Area 702 Skatepark has begun working on the safety issues that caused the cancellation of the venue's Dec. 17 In This Moment concert by North Las Vegas fire marshals. Thurtle says the venue needs to bring out an electrician to prove what power levels the wires can handle safely. An engineer will also need to certify the weight limits for Area 702's stage.

As for the capacity issues raised by the marshals, Thurtle says he will be sitting down with them to discuss how to best handle the situation.

"That's going to be the big tie-up," he concedes, noting that this is the first all-ages venue North Las Vegas has had to license. The skatepark currently is limited to 100 occupants, but attendees reported that up to six times more than turned out for a Vandals show held Dec. 12 during the venue's opening weekend.

Thurtle says he is confident that the venue will be in full compliance with the fire marshals by their next scheduled show, Arizona-based Scary Kids Scaring Kids on January 15.


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