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Ruffled taffeta. Blue eye shadow. Tuxes that had taken one too many trips to the back seat of dad’s Olds. Somehow, prom brought out the awkward pre-teen in our high-school-senior selves, complete with acne flares, ankle-twisting high heels and a sudden fear of the opposite sex.

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Throwback Prom Party
January 24, 9 p.m.
RA Sushi (inside Fashion Show Mall), 696-0008.
Restaurant Guide
RA Sushi

On Saturday, RA Sushi celebrates four years on the Strip with its own overdressed dance party. Throwback Prom is like real prom, only better. This time you can forgo the princess dress that makes you look like a well-iced pastry, the borrowed penguin suit and those horrid hands-on-hips head-tilted photos. RA’s bash takes the nostalgia of prom and adds to it discount appetizers, drink specials starting at $1 and music that doesn’t suck. Throw in a date you actually like and you’ve got Prom 2.0. Electric slide, anyone?

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