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In my dream, my sister, who I heard is pregnant and whom I haven’t heard from in almost three years, was wearing a dingy white robe, and she had a blemish on her left cheek. I went up to her angrily and said, “When were you going to tell me that you are pregnant?” She replied very sadly, “I lost the baby.” Then I woke up. – Anonymous 43, Philadelphia, PA

Lauri: Your sister is wearing a robe in your dream because in waking life you feel she is keeping something “under wraps” from you ... most likely the pregnancy as well as everything that’s been going on in her life all this time. The robe is dirty because dirt in dreams represents negativity that dirties up an otherwise clean psyche. The blemish on her cheek is the blemish in your relationship. Do you feel she should have just “turned the other cheek” in real life instead of holding this longtime grudge? The left side in a dream is often connected to what has been “left” behind in waking life … or what ought to be left behind. It seems your dreaming mind would like this blemish in your relationship to be left in the past. Your dreaming mind also seems to be feeling the loss of your relationship with your sister and is relating it to her losing the baby. This isn’t about her actually losing the baby she is now carrying, but more about you losing her. Perhaps it’s time to reach out?

Anonymous replies: Three years ago, my sister started to badmouth our mother. When I stuck up for her, my sister tried to give me a karate kick to the chest. Our father and brother dragged her out of the house and she kicked and screamed “I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!” I do not know why she hates me. So I think the reason why she hates me is what is under wraps. I do wish to let bygones be bygones. It would be easier for me than her.


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