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Dream Zone: ‘I was standing in flood water’

Last night I dreamt I was standing in flood water. It was rising and rising and it was really cold. I was trying to move through it and realized I was naked! What does this mean? –Lisa, Milwaukee, WI

Lauri: Is someone around you giving you the cold shoulder or just plain emotionally cold? Or are you the one that has grown cold towards someone else? Sounds like you are in a pretty icy situation in waking life! The flood waters suggest you feel this situation is getting worse. You are trying to move through the water because you must be trying to just get through this situation already and the nakedness may mean you aren’t sure how to protect yourself emotionally from this. Or perhaps you are feeling a bit exposed or vulnerable. Your dream is giving you an honest portrayal of your current circumstances so you can better know how to handle them.

Lisa replies: My mother in law has been with us for two weeks and is driving me insane. She just left this morning but she comes for weeks at a time and it’s too much. It wears on me and makes me feel like I can’t be myself at home or do my “usual” things like watch TV and chill. Her longest stay was a month last year. It’s making me nuts. nuts. nuts. I now know I need to get the balls to tell my husband that this isn’t working for me anymore and she can’t come for that long! Thank you!


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