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Dream Zone: ‘under my ex-husband’s stove’

I had a dream that I was cleaning in my kitchen under my ex-husband’s stove and two mice bit my hands, one on each hand, on the fleshy part under my little fingers and they wouldn’t let go no matter how hard I tried to shake them off. They just bit in harder. Then I woke up. Weirdest one I’ve had in a while.Branwyn 37, Wausau, WI

Lauri: How recently did he become an ex? Sounds like you are trying to cleanse yourself of frustration and negativity that may still remain. The stove is interesting as it may point to plans, ideas, etc., that you’ve got cooking up but are hindered by the ex in some way, since it was his stove. The two mice are connected to two particular issues that are pestering and annoying you right now. They bit you because the situation must really “bite” as far as you’re concerned. It is significant that they bit your hands as that is the way your dream is showing you that you can indeed handle the situation.

Branwyn replies: We’ve been divorced for over seven years. The two issues I have right now are the ongoing issues with him concerning our kids and having a really hard time finding a job. I would like to move away to find work but I’m kind of stuck with a rule that says I can only move a certain distance away from where he lives because of shared custody. It’s been frustrating for a long time. So yes, your interpretation fits perfectly with what’s happening in my life. Thank you so much! I’ll be more aware of those kinds of messages in my future dreams.


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