DVD review: ‘Lost: The New Man in Charge’


The Details

Lost: "The New Man in Charge"
Two and a half stars

For Lost fans who were disappointed by the show’s finale, which focused more on mysticism and character interactions than on answering lingering plot questions, the 12-minute epilogue “The New Man in Charge” (included on both the Season 6 DVD set and the deluxe collection of the entire series) might seem like the perfect solution. But while “New Man” does address some notable fan concerns, it also effectively illustrates why the show’s final season was best when it spent its time exploring the lives of its main characters. “New Man,” which features just two long-running Lost main characters (Michael Emerson as Ben and Jorge Garcia as Hurley), feels obligatory, as if the creators had a list of fan questions and merely picked the most in-demand. It’s well-acted and entertaining enough, but not particularly exciting. Just giving fans what they say they want is not the same as telling them a great story.


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