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Dream Zone: ‘rented a snowmobile’

Last night I dreamed I rented a snowmobile but had to put gas in it by myself, and the gas tank looked like an ink cartridge!Marcy 41, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Lauri: It sounds like you are getting “fueled up,” energized and ready for something. The snowmobile is a clue as it represents your ability to get through a situation where you have to deal with someone who is emotionally cold or perhaps a situation you have grown cold toward. And the fact that this was a rental suggests this situation is only temporary. Why on earth was the fuel tank an ink cartridge, of all things? Ink is used to print information and messages. Any info you need to gear yourself up to convey to someone else?

Marcy replies: When you said “energized,” that’s going to be me! I am getting married. He proposed last week. In the process I have ended a relationship with my adoptive mother who is an evil, cold, emotionally unavailable and abusive person. I made it clear she is not invited to my wedding. We also decided to move to North Carolina in the next few months, which has to remain a secret because of my job. I am so excited and energized to start a new life with him! I know I am taking on a lot in the next few months. I have lived in Arizona all my life, so this will be my first time to let go and leave. That may also explain the ink cartridge, which was disposable. This is awesome. Thank you!


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