Dream Zone: ‘chewing on a piece of broken glass’

I was eating some food with this guy I have a love-hate relationship with. I suddenly noticed I was chewing on a piece of broken glass. I gave it to the guy, who acted concerned, and he took action to go report the incident. Very quickly he returned and I can remember just spitting and vomiting out a pile of glass that was almost as tall as I was. I couldn’t stop it from forming in my mouth. I just kept constantly spitting. — Kyra 37, Chicago

Lauri: Something you “hungered” for in waking life (most likely the relationship) at first “fed” your needs and desires but now is causing you pain because certain hopes have been shattered. You are chewing on the glass because chewing is a metaphor for thinking about something—“chew on this.” You give him a piece of the glass because you must have offered up a piece of your mind to him in real life. The way he shows concern seems to indicate that he came across to you as really caring about what you had to say and perhaps even promised to behave. But his return in the dream means he quickly returned to his old ways. And this is why you began vomiting ... because you need to purge yourself of this unhealthy relationship immediately. The more vomit, the more urgent it is. Might be best to move on from him so that glass is no longer a part of your dietary intake.

Kyra replies: Wow! You hit the nail on the head. I have not voiced my concerns to him yet, but there is a whole lot I have been holding in. You really have helped to shine some light on my situation.


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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