Dream Zone: ‘dinner with President Bush’

I was having dinner with President Bush and my parents. I wanted a cup of coffee but my mom wanted me to wait until the president had his first. The president got up and started doing the dishes. Someone let his dogs in and I was playing and cuddling them and getting lots of dog kisses. The dog I was cuddling was green! — Lori 53, Council Bluff, IA

Lauri: Bush is a president that is no longer in power so he may represent a part of yourself that is no longer in charge. Bush having the coffee first suggests that it is time to wake up this part of you so you can start presiding over your life again. Bush is also doing the dishes. This is typically a mom activity so this may have to do with your own role as mom, if you are a mother. Or, it suggests you are doing some sort of mental cleansing, clearing away frustrations, something like that. The dogs may point to a relationship, someone you have loyalty and companionship with. Most often green points to jealousy and less often points to growth. Since this dream seems positive and you are receiving lots of kisses, I’m betting this is about a relationship that is growing and rewarding you.

Lori replies: Wow! This is amazing. Several relationships in my life have been growing. My husband has been recovering from a painful addiction and is making amazing progress! We are closer than we have ever been. I was completely powerless over his addiction. I do feel like I have been woken up about my life in general. The mom issue ... I have been reconnecting with my daughter after a long absence, and it’s really nice.


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