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In my dream I woke up in the woods in the middle of the night and sat up. About five feet from me was a black wolf with red eyes, and it ran to me and just before it bit me, I woke up. – Nicole 21

Lauri: Is there someone around you that you would describe as greedy or ravenous or perhaps even predatory? Someone you feel may be out to get you or is involved with you for their own greedy needs? Or is there a part of you that you would describe this way that you fear may be starting to overpower you? The fact that you “woke up” in the dream means you have recently “woken up” to this issue. The red eyes are a red flag you are sending yourself that this person does not see you in the way you wish they would.

Nicole replies: Yes ... my mother! My fiancé and I just moved in with her and her boyfriend and his son, and she keeps trying to drain every penny out of us and it makes it hard to save money. We give her bill money and rent and food for our half and every month she raises it. Then we run out of food and she asks for more money so she can buy beer and cigarettes and booze. Basically, I’m a bank.


Lauri Quinn Lowenberg

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