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Dream Zone: ‘I’m riding a Harley…’

I’m riding a Harley. As I get to a hill that I’m about to ride down, I see a group of bikers riding down the cross street below. I realize that I actually don’t know how to ride a motorcycle. I’m scared I’ll mess up if I end up riding with the group. Then the Harley turns into a bike. I’m pedaling down the hill until I realize I don’t know how to ride a bike either. I’m actually surprised that I’ve been keeping my balance. I end up “walking” the bike and trying to remember where I was headed. – Laurel 34, Las Vegas, NV

Lauri: Your dream reflects an increasing lack of confidence in yourself. It seems a direction your life was headed in once had great momentum but now is barely worth the ride. Motorcycles and bikes are both single passenger vehicles. Anything you want or need to do solo? The bicycle may also be a message that you need to scale back and find the right balance for yourself before continuing on down a certain path.

Laurel replies: This dream is about my relationship path. My massage therapist came on to me during a session and it got physical. However, once I realized he wasn’t wearing a condom, I stopped everything and never saw him again. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop it fast enough because I developed signs of an STD within days of the incident. I now feel dirty and scared to date anyone else. It feels like I’m being punished for allowing it to happen. I’m used to feeling powerful in being able to attract people to me; now it scares me. I’m struggling to balance what happened to me with how to deal in the future.


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