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Dream Zone: ‘I saw three dragonflies’

I had a dream this afternoon during a nap that I was cleaning my apartment. When I was vacuuming, I saw three dragonflies flying around. I tried to shoo them out the window but they just wouldn’t go. I finally managed to get one of them out, but the other two stayed inside. – Jen 22, Madison, WI

Lauri: Cleaning in a dream means there is some cleansing taking place in waking life. What sort of cleansing are you going through right now? Trying to clean up a behavior or attitude? Cleanse yourself of frustration or negativity? Whatever it is, it is most likely something that you feel seems to “drag on” and on, hence the dragon flies. There were three of them so there must be three issues. Trying to get them out of your house means you want these issues out of your life or out of your way. It seems you’ve had success with one so there are two more to go.

Jen replies: As far as the “dragging on” portion, I’m in a summer class that just doesn’t seem to end. My attitude towards school in general could use a good “cleaning” because I’m suffering from SEVERE senioritis, ha ha. Maybe once I start my core classes again, instead of this gen ed, I can shoo the “dragonflies” out, I can clean up my attitude towards school and buckle down and finish out my last two semesters.


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