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I dreamt last night that my grandpa was dying. My grandma called me first to tell me to come to Vegas to see him. What does that mean? - Amber 22, Lincoln, NE

Lauri: Unless your grandfather is in poor health, I wouldn’t worry. Death in dreams rarely means death but instead means change. Ask yourself if your relationship with your grandfather is changing. Are you not staying in touch with him as much as you ought to? If so, your dreaming mind is worried that your relationship is “dying off.” Also ask yourself if HE is going through any changes. It might be that the grandfather you know and love is changing a little, acting or doing something that’s different than what is normal for him. This sort of thing often causes death dreams.

Amber replies: Our relationship has been pretty non-existent until he and my grandma came out for Thanksgiving. Ever since then we talk at least twice a week. I really regret the fact that we never got the chance to improve our relationship earlier on. I am very happy that we are in contact now.


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