Jersey Shore” Uncensored


Oh, Snooki! Out of all the guido goobers on Jersey Shore, you’re the one I’ll miss the most. That is, I’ll miss you when you finally go away. The nine-episode first season of the show ended in January, but the cast of the MTV junk-food phenomenon is inescapable—now these eight orange insta-stars are popping up as hosts at Las Vegas nightclubs. Still, I loved the show like candy and was psyched for this four-DVD collection of the first season.

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Jersey Shore Uncensored Season One
Four stars
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The set—which appears to have been slapped together and shipped out while we still care—promises “uncensored” footage, but words are still bleeped, and logos and innocent bystanders still get a pixilated blur. DVD extras include about 30 minutes of deleted scenes, the best of which features Vinny’s dinnertime imitations of the rest of gang. We’ve already seen the rest of this stuff—canned tips from Snooki and The Situation, Michael Cera’s guido makeover on YouTube.

Still, I can’t get enough of it—the DVDs let me concentrate on the ethnography, on the subtle nuances in their remarks and relationships. Nah—I’m just kidding. Still, I’m hoping J-Shore someday gets the lavish Criterion Collection treatment it deserves, so I can wallow in every precious greasy moment with the kids of summer.


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