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I dreamed I was in a cathedral and I kept pew hopping but I left my purse at my original spot and was worried someone would take it. Then the whole church lined up for communion. I was in front of a woman dressed as The Virgin Mary. She was holding bread. She fumbled and dropped the bread. I turned to leave and I had to come down these tiny steep steps on which they had placed many glass candleholders. As I came down I knocked all of them over. There was broken glass everywhere and the priest was telling someone to go help that poor alter boy.Mallory 38, Cincinnati, OH

Lauri: Your dream takes place in a cathedral because you are either currently dealing with a moral issue or something is going on that you need to have faith that it will turn out all right. Your concern over your purse is either connected to financial concern or concern over yourself. Have you been having any sort of identity crisis lately? The bread being dropped also seems to point to a financial concern as we often refer to money as “bread” or “dough.” The fumbling by Mary and you knocking the candles over are both related to a waking life “mistake” you have made or might make. The broken glass is showing you the result of this slip up: something may come crashing down around you if you aren’t careful.

Mallory replies: My husband is seriously considering quitting his job. I am concerned over the responsibility of him being the only income in our home and the crash I fear it would mean for our family. I need to have faith not only in my husband but also in God that all will work out for the best. Thank you.


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