2010 Vegas' Best Results

[Readers' Choice]

Best Place To Find Intelligent Conversation

The Pinball Hall of Fame
Photo: Bill Hughes

Among the readers’ suggestions (some of which may have been offered ironically): Barnes & Noble. Borders. George Maloof’s office. Blue Martini. “Off the Strip.” “On the street.” “Out of state.” Pinball Hall of Fame. The Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Downtown Cocktail Room. The Griffin. “HA!” Amber Unicorn Books. Whole Foods. “Wherever I am.” “My house, when we BBQ.” Caxculthi art gallery Downtown. Baguette Cafe. The Coffee Bean across from UNLV. UNLV. Bar Vdara. “Another state (and not California).” “In Vegas? Yeah, right.” “The library (with books).”

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