2010 Vegas' Best Results

[Readers' Choice]

Best Sign the Apocalypse is Near

The Stardust no longer exists, but this photo of fireworks booming above the hotel will live in perpetuity.

Among the readers’ suggestions: You. You asking this question. Your question about Olive Gardens. The number of U-Hauls leaving the state. All the chaos on the Strip. “Demoliting the Stardust.” Echelon/Fontainbleu. Bars closing down. Empty houses. “Everyone’s dying.” “Everyone is cheating.” Barry Manilow. A Michael Jackson-Cirque show. “Ass-crack billboards.” Bipolar weather. Budget cuts. the school district cutting back on everything. Sarah Palin’s repeated visits to Nevada. Harry Reid’s presence. “Darth Gibbons running for re-election.” “Buy one, get one free bottle service at nightclubs on the weekends.” Carrot Top. Celine is back. Porn slappers on the sidewalk. “That guy killing the kid with an ax.”

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