2010 Vegas' Best Results

Best Strip Malls

Pacific Asian Plaza
Photo: Justin Massongill

Pacific Asian Plaza Chinatown as a whole offers plenty to explore, but the Pacific Asian Plaza on Spring Mountain Road at Decatur Boulevard is the standout of Spring Mountain. SF Marketplace, the strip mall’s anchor, offers the types of head-turning products only foreign markets can offer, while the adjacent three-story complex provides the downright delicious (Shuseki, Swish, Shabu Shabu) and some amusingly straightforward businesses (International Bank, Chicken & Beer). The requisite massage parlor and bakery are also there. If all that isn’t enough to win you over, the cherry on top is Pacific Asian Plaza’s attached garage, which assures you there will always be a parking space waiting for you. –April Corbin

Harmon Avenue and Paradise Road This mid-sized shopping center is right in the middle of the action, close to the university district, the Hard Rock and the Strip. It boasts all the basics you need in a strip mall, including a CVS store, a tanning salon, and a wonderfully named manicure/pedicure spot: Get Nailed 24/7. It’s got style, thanks to a Stussy store and the cool sneaker shop Undefeated (for when you’re feeling like Turtle from Entourage). Most importantly, it’s got great grub: solid pizza from Joe’s NY, burgers at Johnny Rockets, sushi at Kaizen and Mexican at Paradise Cantina. And the heavy hitters: maybe our city’s best Indian food at Origin India, and maybe our city’s best Italian wine bar at Ferraro’s. What more do you need? –Brock Radke

Best in the West/ Rainbow Promenade I can’t pick between the two. In part, it’s because I don’t want to offend, but it’s also because the two are right across the street from each other on Rainbow Boulevard and virtually identical. Best in the West has a Borders; Rainbow Promenade has a Barnes & Noble. Best in the West has Sweet Tomatoes all-you-can-eat salad bar; Rainbow Promenade has Souper Salad all-you-can-eat salad bar. BW has PetSmart; RP has Petco. BW has Tony Roma’s; RP has Macaroni Grill. Aaaargh! Let’s call it a tie before my head starts to hurt. –Rick Lax

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