2010 Vegas' Best Results

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Vegas’ Best Readers’ Choices You Almost Didn’t See

Best bang for your buck? One reader thinks so!
Photo: Leila Navidi

Best “too soon?” vote “Michael Jackson’s house” (Best Place for kids 11-17)

Best inadvertent invitation to an as-yet-unplanned party “Savannah Apartments Pool” (Best Pool Party)

Best renaissance men “Barry Manilow” and “Matt Goss” (appeared in nearly every Readers’ Choice category, including ... both made showings in almost every single Readers’ Choice category, including... Best Bartender? How long until the first annual Goss vs. Manilow cocktail mix-off?)

Best parenthetical vote: “The library (with books).” (Best Place for Intelligent Conversation)

Best never answer a question with a question response: “There were some?” (Best Books About Vegas)

Best crossover ballot stuffer “Hardknox” (no fewer than 100 votes in each of the following categories: Local Singer-Songwriter, Local Country Act, Local Hip-Hop Act, Local Electronic, Local Heavy Band, Local Indie Band … Even getting nine votes for Best Lounge Act)

Best too much information votes “The back seat of the car” (Best Cheap Date); “I like to smell my husband’s jockey shorts” (Nightlife’s Best Kept Secret)

Best unintentional (or was it intentional?) “Airforce Amy from HBO’s Cathouse" (Best Bang For Your Buck)


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